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Ink and Ash: A Short Story Podcast

Feb 13, 2019

What’s going on in the land of Stories of Yore and Yours? It’s been almost two months since we’ve talked, so first of all…welcome back and thanks for downloading! Today you’ll hear two quick stories from Mark Twain and Ambrose Bierce, and there’s updates on Season Two (premieres March 6!), some recent and future collaborations (A livestream to raise money for cancer research!), and the new Patreon page! Now you can help support the show through Patreon and earn some rewards while you’re helping! Check out the links below:


0:00 – What is this, who am I, what are we doing here?

2:08 – Special Announcements!

5:58 – Intro to “About Barbers” and “The Dog and the Bees”

7:33 – “About Barbers,” by Mark Twain

15:52 – “The Dog and the Bees,” by Ambrose Bierce

16:57 – Afterword/Closing the Show

18:13 – When will we meet again? See you then!


Important Links:



Livestream for the Cure – Coming in May!


“Uncle Wolf” by the Mythical Podcast


“A Christmas Carol” Part 1, by Get Grimm


“A Christmas Carol” Part 2, by Get Grimm


Episode 3 of Continuum Force


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