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Ink and Ash: A Short Story Podcast

Episode 5 Credits

May 30, 2018

Huge thanks as always to for providing music for the show, and to for providing several sound effects.


Intro/Outro Music: "Funkereffic", by Kevin MacLeod

"The Man and the Snake" Intro/Outro: "Dark Hallway," by Kevin MacLeod

"Beyond Lies the Wub" Intro/Outro: "Nightmare," by Alexander Nakarada

Sound Effects: 

"The Man and the Snake"

Congas bongos shaker, by bigjoedrummer (
Aeolian wind harp sounding in Elqui Valley of Chile. (Contact Microphone recording), by Felix Blume (
Rattle_Snake, by 7h3_lark (

"The Damned Thing"

Bush2, by schademans (
Various Shotgun Pumps, by jeseid77 (
Bushes Rustling, by ArcLegend05 (
Running through Grass, by Slave2theLight (
Scraping a wooden chair along the ground slowly and quickly, by Ja5on1995 (
Door Squeak, Normal, D, by InspectorJ (
Monster Screams, by gpag1 (
Door Wooden Close A H1, by InspectorJ ((
Beast Growling 1, by kiddpark (
Shotgun Shot/Blast (Outdoors/Close), by EFlexTheSoundDesigner (