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Ink and Ash: A Short Story Podcast

Oct 17, 2018

Week three of Stories of Yore and Yours's first October is here! This week, we'll hear yet another entry from the Weird Tales catalog with Julius Long's "The Pale Man," and Amelia B. Edwards brings us the story of a man who takes quite an unexpected journey in just trying to get home to his wife during a snowstorm.


0:00 – What is this, who am I, what are we doing here?

2:46 – Intro to this week’s authors and stories

6:14 – “The Pale Man,” by Julius Long

20:10 – “The Phantom Coach,” by Amelia B. Edwards

1:01:47 – Afterword/Closing the Show

1:03:12 – What’s coming next week? See you then!


This week’s podcast partner: Folklore on the Rocks



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