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Stories of Yore and Yours

Oct 10, 2018

This week, October’s scary stories continue with two original pieces! First up is the story by M. Grant Kellermeyer of a man who finds a cool old watch while strolling on the beach and takes it home. What could be wrong with something like that? The second story, by Moxie Labouche, is one where the less you know going in, the better. Don’t miss two scary stories by two excellent writers!


M. Grant Kellermeyer’s website:

Moxie Labouche’s podcast/website:


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Epic Film Guys


0:00 – What is this, who am I, what are we doing here?

2:49 – Intro to this week’s authors and stories

7:06 – “Lost and Found,” by M. Grant Kellermeyer

44:16 – “The Streets at Night,” by Moxie Labouche

48:40 – Afterword/Closing the Show

50:05 – What’s coming next week? See you then!


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